What are Efficacious Treatments for ADHD?

ADHD is the most widely researched childhood disorder.  We know the MOST about this condition, including what has been proven to work, with multiple studies over decades of data to support this. There is a hierarchy that has been established to sort out all of these data.  I've included it below:

Well-established (the most research to support its efficacy):

*Medication combined with Parent Training (how to educate parents on ADHD and how to apply effective techniques that will help improve a child's behavior at home).

*Parent Training alone (even without meds)

*Behavioral Classroom Management (positive reinforcement, accommodations, specific goals to motivate behavioral change)

Possibly Efficacious (some research to support its efficacy for treatment of ADHD)

* Neurofeedback training

Questionable Efficacy (research does not support that doing these things will be effective for treating ADHD)

*Social Skills Training

*Omega 3/6 Supplements

(This is not to say that these don't have other health benefits, but they aren't proven as effective interventions for ADHD).

(Evans, Owens, Wyms, & Ray, 2017)

If you are unsure on how to best treat ADHD and aren't ready for medication (or perhaps you are) but have not yet tried parent-training, you should consider it.  It's a research-backed method and a child psychologist either here at KPS or elsewhere- can help get things going on the right track.

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